Mealer was designed to simplify the process of ordering and receiving meals

By integrating our system into your restaurant or hotel you will be able to offer new possibilities to your customers.

Clients will be able to use our smartphone application and be notified with your menu when they enter the restaurant. From there they can quickly browse trough food and drinks and place an order. Printing menus for small changes is no longer needed, everything is updated trough our management system.

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Great services offer great features and here is just a short list of what Mealer can do for your business.


Great Design

The design for the apps is very thoughtful. The clean logo allows even the classier restaurants to promote it on their windows or on their flyers. The app itself has a two tone colour design coupled with black and green accents that is very pleasing to the eye. All the photos are in high resolution and offer users a beautifull view of the menu.

User Experience

Fast and fluid

Both the App for tablets and smartphone have been created to maximize the engagement of the user. Clean pages with beautifull presentations of foods and drinks dominate the center of the apps. Fast swypes from left and right bring up the filter and shopping cart sections. Everything was designed with speed in mind.


Fixes and new improvements

Both apps for Android and iOS are build on native SDKs to provide the best integration of features from both platforms. A development team is always monitoring bug reports or other issues to ensure that the system works without any hassles. Continuous development will ensure that the application will be up to date with the latest SDKs. Also new features and improvements will be added in time for free.


Get to know your customers

We are able to deliver statistics on how often foods are ordered and what price tiers are ordered the most. Also we can tell you which tables are commonly used by people allowing you to rearrange the tables to offer the most relaxing environment. Of course we are able to deliver a full day log with all the orders. Cut down on the waiters and people at the counter based on the number of people that use the application.

Standout features

Unique features and opportunities

We have designed a special welcome screen where you can place your logo and custom message to give visitors a special greeting into your own restaurant. We can show recomandations for users when they order specific types of meals. Users can also filter foods with desired ingrediends and can pay directly from the app.

Outstanding Support

We are here to help

Since this system is a novelty into the restaurant and hotel business we are always here to help. We provide different tiers of support for everyones needs. Please contact us for more details.

Room Service

We are also improving on the way room service is handled. With Mealer people can order directly from tablets set up in hotel rooms.

How it Works

A tablet will be set up in each room. It will be linked with the hotel room service center and the kitchen. When people place an order the staff will imediatly know where it comes from and will be able to deliver it accordingly.

  • Browse quickly through availble services.
  • No need for calling for room service avoiding missunderstandings.
  • People can decide when they need their orders to be delivered and can receive notifications on their status.
  • Pay when you leave the hotel.
  • Hotels can quickly and easily make changes into their offers.

Printing new offer listings is no longer needed, updates can be easily made through our online management system.

Hotels will be able to deliver an improved experience to their customers along side streamlining their day-to-day work.

Menu Cards

Menu Cards

Add a touch of future to your restaurant

Using Mealer you can have the app on tablets that you can offer to customers. They will be able to place orders and call for waiters when needed.

The orders will automatically be sent to the kitchen to be processed and customers can press a button to call for the waiter when they are ready to pay.

There is also an option to install the app on a kiosk for self service restaurants. This will allow customers that can't use the app on their phone to still avoid a queue at the counter and order quicker from the kiosk.


Meeting Room

Take Away

We are also looking to speed-up and improve the Take Away service as it is today. With our system people can just choose from your selection of food and drinks within the app,
choose a pick-up time, pay and then grab the food at the desired time.







Do you think Mealer is great but you want your own unique app with a different design and name? No problem, we can build on our great back engine to offer you the desired product. Contact us to find out more.


Don't hesitate and contact us as soon as possible. We are looking forward to integrate our system with your business.
Our unique and advanced approach will help you improve the number of your customer base and bring automation to your restaurant or hotel.

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